Trimming and Removals, Our Specialty Since 1982

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Hoover's Tree Service is fully insured for your protection. We offer emergency tree trimming and pruning following damaging winds or storms.

Don't make tree removal your only option

Often, it is believed that tree removal is the only way to solve overbearing or dying trees. Hoover's Tree Service believes removal should be the last option. We provide expert tree trimming and removal services to help preserve the life of your tree and add aesthetic value to your home and property. Tree trimming provides the following alternatives to removal:

  • Trim loose, dead, dying, or overhanging limbs

  • Prune trees to allow sunlight to reach other vegetation and shrubs

  • Remove limbs to make way for new home additions or constructions

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Preserve the look of your lawn with expert tree trimming

Family owned and operated since 1982, Hoover's Tree Services has been improving the look of lawns and trees for over 30 years. Step up your curb appeal with professional pruning services.

717-533-8733 (TREE)