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If for some reason stump grinding cannot be performed at time of removal due to weather, scheduling, or other circumstances, Hoover's Tree Service will return at a more convenient time to complete the project. We also offer emergency stump grinding in instances of storm damage or fallen trees due to wind.

Professional, reliable, and quick stump grinding services

To add extra safety to your lawn after tree or shrub removal, stump grinding can be done quickly and professionally. With over 30 years of experience, Hoover's Tree Service provides the following stump grinding services and reminders:

•  Mechanical removal of stumps and trees

•  Stump grinding can be done at time of tree or shrub removal

•  All grindings will be left on site unless removal is quoted otherwise

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Don't spend hours trying to dig up a stump on your own

Let Hoover's Tree Service do the work for you. We make it quick and easy to remove stumps after tree removal or storm damage. Make room for the landscape you've always wanted.

717-533-8733 (TREE)