Trimming and Removals, Our Specialty Since 1982

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Hoover's Tree Service provides emergency services for storm damage to shrubbery and hedges. We have after-service clean-up of debris and stump grinding for any removal services performed.

Sculpted shrubbery makes the perfect

lawn accompaniment

For over 30 years, Hoover's Tree Service has proudly been providing Middletown, Harrisburg, Hershey, and the surrounding areas with expert shrub trimming and removal. Whether you need full removal or simple trimming, we provide the following professional services:

•  Reliable shrub and bush trimming and sculpting

•  Shrub removal and stump grinding

•  Cut downs and trims of hedges and sectioning bushes

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Change the look of your vegetation with shrubbery trimming

Hoover's Tree Service doesn't just work with trees, they have also perfected the art of shrubbery trimming. Transform overgrown bushes into a sleek hedge.

717-533-8733 (TREE)